Current sexuality: The Winter Soldier kicking ass [x]

For the winter-boner <3

Yeah, Winter Boner pretty much sums up the new trailer.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that 9yrs ago the creator of Young Avengers thought he was pushing his luck in getting a couple of innocent gay white teenage boys past Marvel.

Now not only do we have an entire team consisting of people who are varying forms of queer, but its also been made canon that the entire Norse Pantheon and possibly the Kree Empire as well doesn’t give a fuck about gendered bullshit and just bangs whoever they want.

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I feel I have to speak up because this is important to me and because I really dislike hate being posted in tags, especially with no evidence from the manga itself to support the claims of homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.

Please do not click if you do not want to read what has been mentioned above.

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Reblogged because eloquence in English about Kaori Yuki and her diverse casts of characters should always be celebrated. Well said.


Better quality pic of my photo op with the boys & Holly. I’m NOT going to cover this in watermarks, but please, I know Jensen’s face is priceless here, and Jared is looking like the sassy bitch we all know he is (and no, he’s not holding my face even though it looks like it - I asked for a hug and he gave me this one armed thing so that’s why I have a death grip around him trying to pull him in closer). My point is, please don’t steal/crop/repost/edit this pic.

Also, that’s my friend Holly in the pic. She’s awesome, and she gave up her copy of that Batman issue because no one had ever told Jared and Jensen that there’s a Sam and Dean shout out in it. She works for Famous Monsters which is an awesome horror/scifi/genre/monster magazine and everyone should go give them web hits and tell them how much you want them to cover Supernatural.

Yes, that is Scott Snyder’s Batman #18 I gave up. My run is no longer complete. [geek sobbing noises]


Katou’s death

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